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A Guide to Hair Loss Remedies

Most people are conscious of how they look and they spend a great deal of time trying to look good and presentable. However people who suffer with hair loss are not happy even if their overall appearance is great. When hair falls fast, the volume of your hair will decrease greatly and can result in a receding hair-line or baldness if not prevented. An early start of treatment will help prevent the condition to worsen. Using medication for hair loss treatment would involve the use of chemical products which most people don’t want to use and that is why they prefer home remedies.

Below are recommended home remedies for your hair loss problem.

The health of your hair is affected by nutritional deficiency. You hair will lack shine and body and will start to fall if it lacks the right amounts on zinc, iron, and vitamin A. When you take these nutrients in the right amount you will experience improved health of your scalp. The good sources of these nutrients are fish, nuts, meat, seeds, and healthy fats. You will begin to notice good results fast if you add iron-rich foods to your diet.

If you want stronger, shinier hair, hair oils are necessary. Many factors can cause our hair strands to become dry and damaged. These factors may include the hair care products that we use. Apply oil to your hair at least every two weeks. Regularly oiling your hair will result in softer and healthier hair. The types of oil that you can apply to your hair are coconut oil, mustard oil, almost oil, and extra virgin olive oil. These oils are very popular worldwide and those that have used them have seen their effectiveness when their hairs are regularly oiled. Mixing different oils together can give you more benefits.

Protein is very important for a healthy and strong hair. Experts recommend that the hair strands be coated and filled with protein treatments. You can make your own protein mask by whipping an egg along with a little oil and some lemon juice. Apply this in your hair by sections and let it stay for around thirty minutes. Then rinse and shampoo your hair as usual. When you do this treatment, your hair will be thicker and shinier.

Drying our hair after washing is something very important. The most common practice of drying is rubbing the hair strands between a towel. This is not a good way of drying the hair because when hair is wet, it is weak and when it is rubbed, it can break. Instead of a towel, use a t-shirt. When using a t-shirt you do not need to rub your hair vigorously because it just absorbs the moisture, and t-shirt fibers are also very soft.

Scalp massage is also beneficial. Just rub the tips of your fingers all over your scalp to increase blood flow to the area. When blood circulates properly, nutrients are provided for faster hair growth.

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