Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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After looking at various sites on the number of cases of fraud committed by fake online stores, then moved my heart to be able to provide information to the community of Internet users, or people who want to use the Internet for online shopping.

Indeed, not all online stores that commit fraud, you just need to know a few tips on shopping safely online. Some things that you need to investigate before deciding whether to conduct a transaction with an online store are as follows:

Do they have their own website:

In this case it says is the online store on Facebook that normally they do promotions with how tagging the photos to some friends they have. Actually this is not a problem if you really need the products they offer. But this can be a problem when you are in the tag multiple times in a day, might your wall like a market. With Note Not all are doing a campaign like this is a scam or fraud.

You investigate whether they have their own website, or better yet, if you shop at online stores that have a website with hosting, not a free site. Because then indicates that they are serious about doing business by buying a domain name and hire your own hosting. Because not all of the online shop or online store on Facebook is fake and if you still want to shop online through Facebook, better transact with people who really know or those who already have a good track record, as has testimonials from customers.

Worth the price:

In the above cases, the victims are tempted by cheap prices. Therefore, make sure that the price offered by the seller is the market price of the product. Not too cheap nor too expensive, the Note: It’s better if you do not do business with sellers who offer cheap prices that do not make sense.

Merchant credibility:

The first thing that you can look at when making transactions on the internet is to look at the credibility of the company concerned. If credibility is good, then you can continue your transaction. You can see this credibility through recommendations from many people who have used his services. Can also see the reviews-reviews on the Internet, you can type in your Google address of the company in question, and how the response of the reviewer-reviewer.

Merchant credible usually boldly displays the full address along with media contacts needed and always ready to help whenever asked. But do not also make a good reputation as a reliable benchmark of the seller. because despite the good reputation does not guarantee whether the seller reliable or not, but it does not hurt to be wary if the seller does not have a reputation, especially if the bad reputation.

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